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Full Version: New iOS app for Tesla
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I'm a new Tesla owner and I've just published my new app QuickTesla
Screenshots and video and link to the App Store here:

In addition to the usual controls and stats, it includes the following unique features:
* Records statistics related to your charging sessions and your driving efficiency. You can also export these stats as a spreadsheet.

* Sends you a notification if you forget to close all doors (and trunk) and walk away from the car (which prevents the car from locking itself).

* Sends you a notification if the battery level is low and the car is parked at home and is unplugged

The app can be downloaded from the App Store (https://appsto.re/i67P4TD). You can also sign up for beta testing unreleased version of it (click on the first link above)

[Image: QT.png]
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